Economic Wellbeing

Students learn to engage with the world of work and to understand financial management. They are encouraged to expand their horizons, to overcome social barriers to choice and to aim high while making effective learning plans, decisions and transitions. Each area of study links to video stories with teaching resources that can be used in the classroom.

Curricular Links

Business and Enterprise

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Business and enterprise education helps to develop the skills of creativity, to see an opportunity and to act on it, including having the drive to make ideas happen, to make calculated risk/reward assessments and to develop business acumen.


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Students are encouraged to develop lifelong progression through learning and work. This includes making career plans, understanding needs and aspirations and developing their expertise accordingly; including recognising the qualities, attitudes and skills needed for employability.

Managing Finances

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Pupils need to be able to manage their money in a range of situations, including both their own personal situation and those beyond their immediate control. How people are influenced to spend their money is also included in this theme.


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Students learn to understand that risk can be both positive and negative and to manage this in the context of their personal, financial and career choices. While balancing needs against possible negative outcomes, they will also learn from their mistakes.

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