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Faith's Monologue: 'My body, my rules'

  • Faith presents some facts about her sexual health and stresses the need to use a condom. However, she says 'with Donnie it's different innit - I know him!'

  • Students could discuss the extent to which knowing someone makes a difference to how they view sexual health and related risks (it is important to challenge this with questions such as 'How well does Faith know Donnie? What does she know about his sexual history?).

  • Further work could focus on:
  • i) Exploring the relationship between alcohol and teenage sexual behaviour using questions such as:
  • - Why doesn't Faith use a condom with Donnie - whereas with Fatboy in the launderette she didn't?
  • Does the fact that she has been drinking have anything to do with it?
  • - Would Faith and Donnie have slept with each other if they hadn't been drunk?
  • NSPCC's Childline has published a paper in its 'Casenotes' series on alcohol and teenage sexual activity.

  • ii) Reviewing what students know about risks and sexual health. They could research sources of advice about sexual health in their local area and write a letter of advice to Faith suggesting where she could go for reliable advice and support if she lived near them.

  • This character monologue deals with teenage sexual health. Read more about this sensitive subject in this useful Teenage sexual health - Fact sheet (PDF) which includes information about where young people can go for help and advice.

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