Character Monologue

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Ava's monologue 'Care kids'

  • This builds on Ava's last monologue (about her attitude to stealing). Although in that monologue she talked about the importance of being honest, here she feels it is more important for her to challenge Janine's negative view of "Care home kids" than it is to be honest about their current predicament.

  • This monologue stimulates discussion about attitudes to young people - particularly those in care. The class could discuss Janine and Zainab's attitudes towards the characters and how this makes Ava feel before reflecting on whether this is fair. Links could be made with work in citizenship and students could research 'The Big Society' and explore ideas of 'community'.

  • Students could go on to research the full rage of reasons why children and young people may find themselves in the care system. As in the previous episode, be sensitive to those in the class who may have personal experience of the care system.

  • This character monologue deals with shoplifting and juvenile crime. Read more about this sensitive subject in this useful Shoplifting and juvenile crime - Fact sheet (PDF) which includes information about where young people can go for help and advice.

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