Episode 13

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Episode 13

  • Dot invites the kids to an event to show that them not everybody in Walford hates them.

  • This episode deals with the sensitive issue of bullying. Read more about this subject in this useful
  • Bullying - Fact sheet (PDF) which includes information about where young people can go for help and advice.

  • Watch video content produced by young people about issues that have affected them. These stories are relevant to the third series of EastEnders E20:
  • Bullying
  • Bullying me made me better
  • Fitting in
  • Landlord problems
  • Negative labels
  • Young and homeless
  • Young carer

  • Watch this episode and use the teaching ideas and key questions below to deliver PSHE lessons for students from 14 years old upwards. Curricular links for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales can also be found.

Key Questions

  • - How is Ava feeling now?
  • - How are the others behaving and why?
  • - Why does Talia bully Riley?
  • - What is Donnie's reaction to the bullying?
  • - What is the responsibility of onlookers when they see bullying occurring?

Teaching Ideas

  • Teaching ideas
  • Aspects of this episode can be used in conjunction with episodes 11 and 12 to support discussion about consent and rape and the complex feelings and emotions of Ava's situation. As for other episodes, reinforcement of ground rules is essential.

  • Before viewing:
  • Provide a short time for students to re-visit Ava's situation and consider how she is feeling as well as the reactions of the other characters. The key questions can then be used to help students prepare for discussion whilst watching the episode.

  • After viewing:
  • - Sex and Relationship Education:
  • initial discussion could build on previous episodes and further explore Ava's feelings and how the other characters feel about her and react to her.
  • - Faith and her grandma (Grace):
  • students could discuss Grace's perception of what Faith is doing and whether it is fair for her to be cross with Faith. Why doesn't Faith tell her grandma the truth about what's going on? Is it a mistake not to? How important is communication in families?
  • - Bullying:
  • this and following episode build on what we learnt from episodes 6 and 7. The work could feed into the school's planning for anti-bullying week (14-18 November). From this episode students could explore why Talia bullies and why other members of her gang join in. View Talia's monologue 'Blowing bulbs' and consider whether this is true of most bullies. Students could explore the feelings, actions and responses of bully, victim and bystander and consider what could or should happen to bullies. The responsibilities of on-lookers or those aware of bullying who do nothing should be considered.
  • - Information and resources about bullying can be found on these websites:
  • BBC Learning - Parents
  • BullyingUK
  • ChildLine
  • Directgov - Dealing with bullying
  • NHS Choices: Bullying: the facts
  • NSPCC: Bullying, Key child protection statistics

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