Episode 12

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Episode 12

  • Donnie decides to take the law into his own hands - until Ava forces him to stop.

  • This episode deals with the sensitive issue of rape. Read more about this subject in this useful Fact sheet (PDF) which includes information about where young people can go for help and advice.

  • Watch video content produced by young people about issues that have affected them. These stories are relevant to the third series of EastEnders E20:
  • Bullying
  • Bullying me made me better
  • Fitting in
  • Landlord problems
  • Negative labels
  • Young and homeless
  • Young carer

  • Watch this episode and use the teaching ideas and key questions below to deliver PSHE lessons for students from 14 years old upwards. Curricular links for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales can also be found.

Key Questions

  • - What happens to Ava?
  • - How is Ava feeling?
  • - What does Donnie do?
  • - What is Faith's reaction?
  • - What could you say to someone in that situation?
  • - How does the new key worker, Teresa, compare with Richard?

Teaching Ideas

  • This episode could be used with Episode 11 to explore the feelings and emotions of each of the characters and, in particular, Ava. Some students who have experienced sexual violence may be affected by the programme. Ensure that students know where to go for help:
  • - Rape Crisis Centres - England & Wales
  • - Rape Crisis Centres - Scotland
  • - Rape Crisis Centres - Northern Ireland
  • - Survivors UK
  • - This is abuse
  • - Women's Aid

  • Before viewing
  • Reinforce ground-rules before discussion. Ask students to discuss in pairs what happened in the last episode and how they feel about it. Use the key questions to help students to think about key issues as they watch this episode.

  • After viewing:
  • Discussion could start in single sex groups to enable exploration of separate gender reactions and then move to mixed groups to compare them. Use some or all of the following ideas according to time available and your programme objectives.
  • - Why does Faith talk to the press about Ava's past? What motivates her? Even when she changes her mind, the press keep pursuing the story - what does that tell you about journalists? Was Ava/Olivia really responsible for killing the elderly couple in her past? Does she deserve a second chance?
  • - Show Ava's monologue 'Please stop'. Students could develop advice to Ava's friends about how to react and what to say.
  • - You could extend learning by using more real life stories about abuse in relationships provided on the BBC Class clips website. Searching for 'abuse in relationships' will yield true stories about teenagers in abusive relationships and a teen counsellor suggesting advice and strategies for dealing with them.
  • - The government's 2010 teenage relationship abuse campaign 'This is abuse' re-launched on September 1st 2011 provides further information, TV clips and resources to support further work.

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