Episode 1

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Episode 1

  • Kicked out of her Grandma's, Faith seeks shelter with two strangers new to Walford.
  • Is 3 Albert Square big enough to hide the unlikely trio?

  • This episode deals with young people leaving home and how they cope in the real world. Read more about this sensitive subject in this useful Leaving Home - Fact sheet (PDF) which includes information about where young people can go for help and advice.

  • Watch video content produced by young people about issues that have affected them. These stories are relevant to the third series of EastEnders E20:
  • Bullying
  • Bullying me made me better
  • Fitting in
  • Landlord problems
  • Negative labels
  • Young and homeless
  • Young carer

  • Watch this episode and use the teaching ideas and key questions below to deliver PSHE lessons for students from 14 years old upwards. Curricular links for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales can also be found.

Key Questions

  • - How would you describe each character?
  • - What is happening to them and why?
  • - What choices did they have/make?
  • - What were - or could be - the consequences of their choices?
  • - How do they feel? - about themselves? each other? their situation?
  • - What would you have done in their situation?
  • - If you're not getting on with your family - where can you go for help?

Teaching Ideas

  • Before viewing:
  • - Ask students to work in groups of 3. Each will focus on a different character (Ava, Donnie or Faith) whilst they watch the programme.
  • - Give them some or all of the key questions to consider as they view.

  • After viewing
  • - Students share observations in 'character groups' before returning to their 'home groups' to discuss the key questions in relation to each character.
  • - After initial discussion you could show Faith's monologue 'YO Grandma!' to help students explore her situation and attitudes (as well as considering Grandma's rights)..
  • - As a class you could consider the question "If you're not getting on with your family - where can you go for help?"
  • - Further discussion could focus on one of the following according to PSHE programme priorities:
  • 1. choices, decisions and consequences (for example, in relation to leaving the scene of the accident)
  • 2. risks and responsibilities
  • 3. the characters' relationships and family circumstances
  • - Students could be given time to reflect on how they would have reacted in that situation.

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