Citizenship helps young people to develop the knowledge, skills and conviction to play an effective role in their communities; local, national or global. By critically examining issues related to democracy, social justice, human rights and identity & diversity from a range of perspectives, students learn to form their own opinion, speak out and take action on issues important to them.

Democracy and justice

Students learn about the political and legal values that underpin the UK and how these have evolved. They learn about how decisions are made by the government and the role that all citizens can play in influencing these decisions.

Rights and responsibilities

Students explore a range of different rights & responsibilities in their communities and the consequences if these are denied. They consider how these can conflict and the hard decisions that sometimes need to be made to find a balance.

Identity and diversity; living together in the UK

Students consider what is meant by a nation's identity, the nature and impact of diversity in the UK and how this evolves. They develop their understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the UK today and the connections that the UK has with the rest of the world.

Sustainable development and the environment

Students critically consider the role we should play, as individuals, groups and organisations in influencing decisions made about our environment, including our actions, policies and behaviour.

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