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20 October 2014
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El Hop-hop Chop-chop


The aim of this game is to listen to the Spanish word being repeated (or read the subtitle), and use the keyboard arrow keys to move the character to the corresponding picture on the screen. The picture will then disappear, you will hear a new word and need to move to a new picture, and so on. Each team has a set time for their turn shown in the timer bar at the top of the screen, and they need to get as many pictures as possible in that time. The character and the controls will then switch to the other team for their turn, and so on. The team to score the most wins. This game is designed to work on an interactive whiteboard. Teams can line up and give each member of the team one timed turn, in rotation.

- To enter your team names type team 1's name in the top box on the intro screen and team 2's name in the bottom box .

- To choose your team's characters, team 1 clicks on any of the row of four faces by the top box on the intro screen, team 2 clicks on any of the faces by the bottom box.

- To turn on subtitles click the red eye button on the intro screen. This may be useful if you do not have access to audio on your computer.

- To move the characters, team 1 uses the keys 'Q' for up, 'A' for down, 'Z' for left and 'X' for right. Team 2 uses the arrow keys. Alternatively players can click the on-screen buttons in the bottom left and right-hand corners of the screen, or hit the on-screen buttons on the whiteboard.

- To turn off the sound hit the 'M' key on the computer ('M' for 'Mute').
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