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20 October 2014
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Wild animals

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Animales salvajes - Wild Animals

Come with us into the Amazonian jungle and learn a bit about its wild animals... in Spanish! Practise your Spanish by replying out loud to the following questions in bold. Each phrase is followed by some helpful Spanish words.


¿Qué animales hay en el mundo? - What animals are there in the world?

En el mundo - In the world

Hay - There are

leones - lions

tigres - tigers

elefantes - elephants

pingüinos - penguins

hipopótamos - hippos

monos - monkeys

cocodrilos - crocodiles

jirafas - giraffes

serpientes - snakes

rinocerontes - rhinos

pulpos - octopuses

arañas - spiders

En el mundo hay jirafas. - There are giraffes in the world.


¿Cómo es este animal? - What is this animal like?

Un tigre - A tiger

Un pingüino - A penguin

Una ballena - A whale

Una araña - A spider

Una serpiente - A snake

es - is

no es - is not

tiene - has

no tiene - doesn't have

pequeño/pequeña - small (male/female)

grande - big

peligroso/peligrosa - dangerous (male/female)

patas - legs (feminine)

una cola - a tail (feminine)

alas - wings (feminine)

manchas - spots (feminine)

rayas - stripes (feminine)

negro/negra/negros/negras - black (male/female/plural male/plural female)

marrón/ marrones - brown (singular/plural)

blanco/blanca/blancos/blancas - white (male/female/plural male/plural female)

gris/grises - grey (singular/plural)

naranja - orange

La araña es pequeña y negra.The spider is small and black.


¿Dónde vive? - Where does it live?

Vive en - It lives in

América del Norte - North America

Sudamérica - South America

Europa - Europe

Asia - Asia

África - Africa

el mar - the sea

el río - the river

el zoo - the zoo

la selva - the jungle

el bosque - the forest

las montañas - the mountains

los árboles - the trees

Vive en las montañas - It lives in the mountains.


¿Qué come? - What does it eat?

Come - It eats

carne - meat

pescado - fish

fruta - fruit

verdura - vegetables

insectos - insects

otros animales - other animals

hojas - leaves

plantas - plants

queso - cheese

Come otros animales. - It eats other animals.
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