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20 October 2014
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Gente VIP - Stars

Who is your favourite singer or actor? Practise your Spanish by replying out loud to the following three questions. Each question is followed by some helpful Spanish words and phrases.


¿Quién es tu artista favorito? - Who is your favourite performer?

Mi cantante favorito es - My favourite male singer is

Mi cantante favorita es - My favourite female singer is

Mi actor favorito es - My favourite actor is

Mi actriz favorita es - My favourite actress is

porque - because

canta bien - he/she sings well

es sexy - is sexy

es un buen actor/es una buena actriz - he/she is a good actor/actress

es guapo/es guapa - he/she is good looking

Mi cantante favorito es... porque es guapo. - Mi favourite singer is... because he is handsome.


¿De dónde es? - Where is he/she from?

Él es - He is

Ella es - She is

inglés/inglesa - English (male/female)

irlandés/irlandesa - Irish (male/female)

escocés/escocesa - Scottish (male/female)

galés/galesa - Welsh (male/female)

británico/británica - British (male/female)

norteamericano/norteamericana - American (male/female)

caribeño/caribeña - Caribbean (male/female)

indio/india - Indian (male/female)

Es galesa. - She is Welsh.


¿Cómo es? Descríbelo/la. - What does he/she look like? Describe him/her.

Él es - He is

Ella es - She is

Tiene - He/she has

alto/alta - tall (male/female)

bajo/baja - short (male/female)

gordo/gorda - fat (male/female)

delgado/delgada - thin (male/female)

moreno/morena - dark haired and skinned (male/female)

rubio/rubia - blond/blonde haired (male/female)

pelirrojo/pelirroja - red haired (male/female)

pelo castaño - brown hair

pelo negro - black hair

los ojos - eyes

el pelo - hair

verde/verdes - green (singular/plural)

marrón/marrones - brown (singular/plural)

gris/grises - grey (singular/plural)

azul/azules - blue (singular/plural)

rosa - pink

Ella es alta y tiene los ojos verdes. - She is tall and she has green eyes.
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