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20 October 2014
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Banderas - Flags

Do you know about flags? Practise your Spanish by replying out loud to the following three questions. Each question is followed by some helpful Spanish words and phrases.


¿Qué colores hay en esta bandera? - What colours are there in this flag?

Hay - There is/There are

y - and

rojo - red

amarillo - yellow

azul - blue

blanco - white

Hay azul y blanco. - There's blue and white.

Hay rojo, blanco y azul. - Theres red, white and blue.

Hay amarillo, azul, rojo y blanco. - There's yellow, blue, red and white.


¿Qué formas hay en esta bandera? - What shapes are there in this flag?

Hay - There is/There are

y - and

dos - two

tres - three

cinco - five

siete - seven

un triángulo/triángulos - a triangle/triangles

una estrella/estrellas - a star/stars

una raya/rayas - a stripe/stripes

rojo/roja/rojos/rojas - red (masculine/feminine/masculine plural/feminine plural)

amarillo/amarilla/amarillos/amarillas - yellow (masculine/feminine/masculine plural/feminine plural)

azul/azules (singular/plural)

blanco/blanca/blancos/blancas - white (masculine/feminine/masculine plural/feminine plural)

Hay una raya blanca, dos rayas azules y cinco estrellas azules. - There's a white stripe, two blue stripes and five blue stars.

Hay un triángulo azul, una estrella blanca, tres rayas rojas y dos rayas blancas. - There's a blue triangle, a white star, three red stripes and two white stripes.

Hay una raya roja, una raya amarilla, una raya azul y siete estrellas blancas. - There's a red stripe, a yellow stripe, a blue stripe and seven white stars.


Esta bandera, ¿de qué país es? - This flag, what country is it from?

Es de - It's from

España - Spain

Honduras - Honduras

Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico

Venezuela - Venezuela

Es de Honduras. - It's from Honduras.

Es de Puerto Rico. - It's from Puerto Rico.

Es de Venezuela. - It's from Venezuela.
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