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20 October 2014
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La Familia - Family

Can you tell us about your family? Practise your Spanish by replying out loud to the following questions in bold. Each phrase is followed by some helpful Spanish words.


¿Cuántas personas hay en tu familia? - How many people in your family?

Somos - We are

Tengo - I have

un - one

una - one

dos - two

tres - three

cuatro - four

cinco - five

seis - six

personas - people

una persona - one person

un padre/padres - a father/fathers, parents

una madre/madres - a mother/mothers

un hermano/hermanos - a brother/brothers

una hermana/hermanas - a sister/sisters

un abuelo/abuelos - a grandfather/grandfathers

una abuela/abuelas - a grandmother/grandmothers

un tío/tíos - a uncle/uncles

una tía/tías - a aunt/aunts

un primo/primos - a male cousin/male cousins

una prima/primas - a female cousin/female cousins

un padrastro/padrastros - a stepfather/stepfathers, stepparents

una madrastra/madrastras - a stepmother/stepmothers

un hermanastro/hermanastros - a stepbrother/stepbrothers

una hermanastra/hermanastras - a stepsister/stepsisters

En mi familia somos cinco personas. Un padre, una madre, dos hermanas y un abuelo. - In my family there are five people. A father, a mother, two sisters and one grandfather.


Describe a tu familia - Describe your family

Él - He

Ella - She

Ellos - They (all male or mixed)

Ellas - They (all female)

es - is

son - are

tiene - has

tienen - have

alto/alta/altos/altas - tall (male/ female/plural male/plural female)

bajo/baja/bajos/bajas - short (height) (male/female/plural male/plural female)

moreno/morena/morenos/morenas - dark haired and dark skinned (male/female/plural male/plural female)

rubio/rubia/rubios/rubias - blonde (male/female/plural male/plural female)

pelirrojo/pelirroja/pelirrojos/pelirrojas - red haired (male/female/plural male/plural female)

pelo castaño - brown hair

pelo canoso - grey hair

pelo negro - black hair

ojos - eyes (masculine)

negros - black (male plural)

azules - blue (plural)

marrones - brown (plural)

verdes - green (plural)

grises - grey (plural)

Él tiene ojos verdes. - He has green eyes.


¿Tienes animales en casa? Do you have any pets?

Sí, tengo - Yes, I have

No, no tengo - No, I don't have

dos - two

tres - three

cuatro - four

cinco - five

un perro/perros - a dog/dogs

un gato/gatos- a cat/cats

un pájaro/pájaros - a bird/birds

un pez/peces - a fish/fish plural

No, no tengo un perro.- No, I don't have a dog.


¿Cómo es tu mascota? What does your pet look like?

Mi perro - my dog

Mi gata - my (female) cat

Mis peces - my fish (plural)

Mis pájaros - my birds (plural)

es - is

son - are

tiene - has

tienen - have

grande/grandes - big (singular/plural)

pequeño/pequeña/pequeños/pequeñas - small (male/female/plural male/plural female)

cuatro patas - four legs

un cuello - a neck

una cola - a tail

orejas - ears

manchas - spots

rayas - stripes

negro/negra/negros/negras - black (male/female/plural male/plural female)

blanco/ blanca/ blancos/ blancos - white (male/female/plural male/plural female)

gris/grises - grey (singular/plural)

marrón/ marrones - brown (singular/plural)

de colores - colourful

Mis peces son de colores. - My fish are colourful.

NB. Spanish masculine plurals include both male and female. For example, primos include both male and female cousins.
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