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We don't always feel the same so it's helpful if we can say how we're feeling.

¿Cómo te sientes? - How do you feel?

Me siento feliz. - I feel happy.

Me siento triste. - I feel sad.

Estoy enfadado. - I feel annoyed/angry.

(Remember, it would be estoy enfadada if you are a girl.)

Why are you feeling like that? Perhaps it was some music. Or something at school?

¡Es fantástico/fantástica! - It's fantastic!

¡Es fabuloso/fabulosa! - It's fabulous!

¡Es una porquería! - It's rubbish!

¡Es malísimo/malísima! - It's rubbish!

¡Es aburrido/aburrida! - It's boring!

¡Es horrible! - It's horrible!

If you've heard some good music or a great play, perhaps you might want to shout one of these to encourage the performers!

¡Bravo! - Well done!

¡Fenomenal! - Fantastic!

¡Guay! - Cool!

DID YOU KNOW... ¡Guay! comes from ¡ay! which was a lament (a deeply sad cry), but over time came to mean something good and cool.

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