School Day

Places in school

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Schools come in all shapes and sizes in Spanish-speaking countries, just like our schools. Some are in the middle of busy cities, others in the countryside. Some have lots of stairs and others are all on one level. There are two names for schools though:

la escuela - the school

el colegio - the school

Here are the names of some of the places in school:

la clase - the class

el patio - the playground

el campo de deportes - the sports field

el gimnasio - the gymnasium

la biblioteca - the library

Most children in Spain have school dinners cooked in la cocina (the kitchen) and eaten in el comedor (the dining room).

la cocina - the kitchen

el comedor - the dining room

And then there's la sala de profesores – the staffroom – but you're not allowed in there, are you?

la sala de profesores - the staffroom

If you were showing someone around your school, you might say:

Aquí está la clase (de música). - Here is the (music) class.

And if it were out of the window, or a bit further away:

Allí está el patio. - There is the playground.