School Day

Daily routines

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During term time we have a routine that we follow every day, day after day! If we want to tell someone about it, we can use these phrases:

Me despierto. - I wake up.

Me levanto. - I get up.

Me lavo (los dientes). - I wash/brush (my teeth).

Me ducho. - I have a shower.

Me visto. - I get dressed.

All these phrases are REFLEXIVE - that means that you do them to yourself, which explains the me part. Me lavo literally means 'I wash myself'.

Me lavo. - I wash (I wash myself).

Me baƱo. - I bath (I bath myself).

Other things you do every day aren't reflexive:

Desayuno. - I have breakfast.

Hago la cama. - I make my bed.

Salgo de casa. - I leave the house.

You can make longer sentences with these phrases. For example:

Me despierto a las siete. - I wake up at 7 o'clock.

Me ducho y desayuno. - I shower and have breakfast.

Salgo de casa a las ocho. - I leave home at 8 o'clock.

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