School Day

School subjects

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Estudio - I study

Estudio mucho. - I study a lot.

At school in Spain, children study much the same subjects we do. Some of the subjects look and sound very similar and they also begin with capital letters.

la música - Music

la historia - History

la geografia - Geography

las ciencias - Science

Others can be worked out:

la informática - ICT

The 'I' stands for 'Information' doesn't it?

las matemáticas - Maths

la educación física - PE (Physical Education)

And others include:

el español - Spanish

el inglés - English

el dibujo - Art

Ahora tengo informática. - I've got ICT now.

Mañana, tengo matemáticas. - I've got maths tomorrow.

Did you notice that you don't say el or la when you talk about school subjects in a sentence? The only time you need to is for talking about likes and dislikes.

Me gusta la geografia. - I like Geography.

No me gustan las ciencias. - I don’t like Science.