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Solar System

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Did you know that the Sun isn't un planeta (a planet), but una estrella (a star)?

un planeta - a planet

una estrella - a star

el Sol - the Sun

la Tierra - the Earth

la Luna - the Moon

Mercurio - Mercury

Saturno - Saturn

Urano - Uranus

Júpiter - Jupiter

Neptuno - Neptune

Venus - Venus

Marte - Mars

Plutón - Pluto

DID YOU KNOW… Some of the days of the week in Spanish come from the planets – lunes (Monday) from la Luna and martes (Tuesday) from Marte.

To say where the planets are in relation to each other you can use:

cerca de - near to

lejos de - far from

Está cerca de la Tierra. - It’s near to the Earth.

Está lejos de Mercurio. - It’s far from Mercury.

If you want to talk about where things are in relation to el Sol you need to ‘squash’ the de and the el together into del.

Está cerca del Sol. - It’s near to the Sun.