Our World


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¿Dónde vives? - Where do you live?

Imagine you’re an animal. Where might you live?

Vivo en … - I live in …

la sabana - the savannah (not to be confused with sábana which is a sheet!!)

la sábana - the sheet

el mar - the sea

el bosque - the wood

la montaña - the mountain

Have you noticed that we used ‘the’ with all of these habitats? We could also use ‘a’. If the noun is masculine (el), then we would use un; if the noun is feminine (la) we would use una.

el bosque - the wood

un bosque - a wood

la montaña - the mountain

una montaña - a mountain

una cuidad - a city

un río - a river

un valle - a valley

un desierto - a desert

un glaciar - a glacier