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Describing a scene

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When you're describing things in Spanish, you use es to say ‘it is’.

es - it is

no es - it isn't

Hay is also a very useful verb. Listen to how you say it!

hay - there is / are

To make your descriptions more interesting you might want to use these words too:

muy - very

bastante - quite

So, here are some adjectives we might use to describe a scene:

luminoso / luminosa - light (not dark)

oscuro/ oscura - dark

caliente - hot

frío / fría - cold

sombrío / sombría - dull

tranquilo / tranquila - calm

lleno / llena de color - colourful

Es caliente. - It’s hot.

Es MUY caliente. - It’s VERY hot.

Es luminoso. - It’s light.

Es BASTANTE luminoso. - It’s QUITE light.

If you want to say where, you could use:

aquí - here

allá / allí - there

DID YOU KNOW … ¿Por qué? means ‘why’? And porque means ‘because’.

¿Por qué? - Why?

porque - because

Es caliente porque hace mucho sol. - It’s hot because it’s very sunny.