Numbers 30-100

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After thirty, you carry on saying the number of tens and then the number of units, but you write them as separate words.

treinta - thirty

treinta y uno - thirty-one

Now you know all the numbers you need to say dates!

Mi cumpleaños es el treinta y uno de diciembre. - My birthday is the 31st December.

What about prices, or door numbers though? It helps to know some bigger numbers.

cuarenta - forty

cincuenta - fifty

cincuenta y seis - fifty-six

sesenta - sixty

setenta - seventy

ochenta - eighty

noventa - ninety

noventa y nueve - ninety-nine

cien - one hundred

Did you see the pattern with the '-ty' numbers? From thirty to ninety, they all end -NTA.

La pelota cuesta dos euros sesenta. - The ball costs €2,60.

You have to pay particular attention to sesenta (sixty) and setenta (seventy) - they're easy to confuse!

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