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There are doce meses (12 months) in un año (a year) in Spanish, just as in English. However, as with the days of the week, the months don't start with a capital letter.

un mes - a month

un año - a year

When you look at the months of the year in Spanish you can probably guess what they mean as many are very similar to English. 

Apart from enero that is!

enero - January

febrero - February

marzo - March

abril - April

mayo - May

junio - June

julio - July

agosto - August

Did you notice the similarities? 

The last four months of the year all end –ber in English.  Look at the Spanish and see what you notice.

septiembre - September

octubre - October

noviembre - November

diciembre - December

That’s right. The –ber ending in English becomes –bre in Spanish.

To say something happens in un mes (a month), you use the word en (in).

en - in

Mi cumpleaños es en octubre. - My birthday is in October.

Voy de vacaciones en julio. - I go on holiday in July.