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Healthy food

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la fruta - fruit

las verduras - vegetables

una manzana - an apple

un plátano - a banana

un tomate - a tomato

una lechuga - a lettuce

un pepino - a cucumber

una ensalada - a salad

To talk about healthy food, you can use the phrases:

Es bueno para la salud. - It's good for your health.

Es malo para la salud. - It's bad for your health.


El tomate es bueno para la salud. - Tomato is good for your health.

El chocolate es malo para la salud. - Chocolate is bad for your health.

Bueno and malo are ADJECTIVES. That means that they change depending on what they are describing:

With feminine nouns they become buena and mala:

bueno, buena - good (masculine), good (feminine)

malo, mala - bad (masculine), bad (feminine)

Una manzana es buena para la salud. - An apple is good for your health.

Una torrija es mala para la salud. - A torrija is bad for your health.

una torrija - a Spanish doughnut-like cake

With plural nouns, bueno becomes buenos and buena becomes buenas; malo becomes malos and mala becomes malas.

AND you have to change es (it is) to son (they are):

Las verduras son buenas para la salud. - Vegetables are good for your health.

Los caramelos son malos para la salud. - Sweets are bad for your health.