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Let's start with una bebida – a drink.

¡Tengo sed! - I'm thirsty!

Quiero una bebida. - I want a drink.

Cuando tengo sed, bebo... - When I’m thirsty, I drink...

una limonada - a lemonade

Easy, eh?

un agua mineral - a mineral water

Can you guess what un agua mineral con gas would be? Yes, water with fizz!

un agua mineral con gas - a fizzy mineral water

un batido - a milkshake

un zumo - a juice

Just as with food, if you want to say what type of milkshake or juice you want, the flavour comes last:

un batido de chocolate - a chocolate milkshake

un zumo de naranja - an orange juice

If your Mum tiene sed (is thirsty) and fancies a hot drink, you could order:

un café con leche - a coffee with milk

If you don't want milk, you can ask for un café solo - a coffee on its own.

un café solo - a coffee (no milk)

Or you might want to ask for a cup of tea, which is just un té.

un té - a tea

Hot chocolate is very, very thick in Spain:

un chocolate - a typical, thick, hot chocolate

Sometimes people have a big cup of the chocolate with special types of long doughnuts called churros dipped in it.

un chocolate con churros - a hot chocolate with churros (long doughnuts)

Delicious, eh? In Spanish you could say:

¡Ñam, ñam! - Yum yum!

¡Riquísimo! - Delicious!

If you don't like the sound of that though, you might say:

¡Puaj! - Yuck!

¡Qué asco! - Yuck!

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