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Here are some words to help you talk about pets.

mi mascota - my pet

Tengo - I have

To make a sentence NEGATIVE (to say you haven't got something or don't wear something) is easy - you just put no in front of the verb!

So tengo (I have) becomes no tengo (I don't have).

No tengo - I don't have

Did you notice that no sounds different in Spanish?

un gato - a cat

un perro - a dog

un pájaro - a bird

un conejo - a rabbit

un hámster - a hamster

una tortuga - a tortoise

un pez - a fish

To make a noun PLURAL in Spanish, you add -S if the noun ends with a VOWEL.
So un gato (a cat) becomes dos gatos (two cats). Una tortuga (a tortoise) becomes tres tortugas (three tortoises).

dos gatos - two cats

tres tortugas - three tortoises

Un pez (a fish) is special. When there's more than one, it becomes peces eg diez peces - (ten fish).

diez peces - ten fish

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