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Family is very important in Spain with many young people living with their parents well into their twenties, and then staying nearby when they move out.

Here are some words to help you talk about your family:

mi familia - my family

mi madre - my mum

mi padre - my dad

mi hermana - my sister

mi hermano - my brother

To say you have brothers and sisters, you use the word for brothers - mis hermanos = my siblings (brothers and sisters).

mis hermanos - my siblings (brothers and sisters)

Tengo dos hermanos. - I have two brothers or two siblings.

And the same for other relatives:

mi abuelo - my grandad

mi abuela - my grandma

mis abuelos - my grandparents

To introduce someone in your family, you use éste es (for a masculine noun) or ésta es (for a feminine noun) meaning 'this is'. Note the accent on the first é - that’s because without an accent este means 'east'.

Éste es mi padre. - This is my dad.

Ésta es mi madre. - This is my mum.

Remember me llamo … means 'my name is …'? To say his/her name is you say se llama … which literally means 'he/she calls himself/herself'.

Se llama ... - His / her name is ...

DID YOU KNOW ... Spanish people have two surnames. The first is from their father and the second from their mother. So the children of Juan Gómez Alonso and María Rodríguez Zapatero would have the surnames Gómez Rodríguez.