Describing your pet

Please note: There is a short delay when playing the audio clips.

If you want to describe your pet, you could say what it looks like:

Es … - It is …

gris - grey

See the colours section for more!

pequeño / pequeña - small

grande - big

precioso / preciosa - beautiful

viejo / vieja - old

joven - young

feo / fea - ugly

Or you might want to say what their character is like:

tímido / tímida - shy

rápido / rápida - fast

lento / lenta - slow

fuerte - strong

gracioso / graciosa - funny

animado / animada - lively

tranquilo / tranquila - quiet

You can use all these adjectives to describe people too!

You can also talk about your pet affectionately by using the suffix -ITO

A rabbit is un conejo but to say a little bunny, you take off the -O and add -ITOun conejito. A little mouse is un ratoncito and a little cat is un gatito.

What do you think un perrito caliente might be?  Nothing to do with animals – it's a hot dog!

un conejito - a little rabbit

un ratoncito - a little mouse

un gatito - a little cat

un perrito caliente - hot dog