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In Spanish, you don't always have to use the words for 'I' - yo, 'he' - él or 'she' - ella. Llevo - 'I wear' makes sense on its own.

(Yo) llevo - I wear (or, I am wearing)

(Él / ella) lleva - He / she wears

un jersey - a jumper

una camisa - a shirt

una camiseta - a t-shirt

un sombrero - a hat

un abrigo - a coat

una falda - a skirt

una bufanda - a scarf

You can say un pantalón or more usually, unos pantalones to say trousers. Shorts are literally 'short trousers' – unos pantalones cortos.

There are two ways to say 'some' – unos for masculine nouns like:

unos pantalones - some trousers

unos pantalones cortos - some shorts

unos pijamas - some pyjamas

unos zapatos - some shoes

unos guantes - some gloves

unos calzoncillos - some underpants

And unas for feminine nouns:

unas botas - some boots

unas gafas de sol - some sunglasses

unas bragas - some knickers

DID YOU KNOW ... The verb you use to say you wear something - llevar - also means 'to carry', so you can say llevo un jersey (I wear a jumper) but also llevo un paraguas (I carry an umbrella)!

Llevo un paraguas. - I carry an umbrella.

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