All About Me


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When Spanish people meet, they kiss each other on both cheeks (if they haven’t seen each other for a while) and say ...

¡Hola! - Hello!

¡Buenos días! - Good morning / good day!

¡Buenas tardes! - Good afternoon!

Questions start with an upside-down question-mark. This helps people know that there’s a question coming up, and allows them to start asking the question with their voice at the start.

¿Qué tal? - How are you?

Bien, gracias. - I’m fine, thanks.

Mal. - I’m not well.

¿Y tú? - And you?

You might also hear:

¿Cómo estás? - How are you?

For someone you don’t know, you say:

¿Cómo está usted? - How are you?

¿Y usted? - And you?

Upside-down exclamation marks are used too!

¡Adiós! - Goodbye!

¡Chao! - Goodbye!

¡Hasta pronto! - See you soon!

¡Hasta luego! - See you later!

It’s polite to say Señor or Señora to all grown-ups and teachers. Listen to how the ñ sounds - like n and then y.

Señor, Señora - Sir / Mr, Madam / Mrs

DID YOU KNOW... if a waiter asks if you’d like more of something, you don’t reply por favor (please) as you would in English but gracias (thank you).

por favor - please

gracias - thanks