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China has 34 provinces (which are similar to the UK’s counties). The provinces have beautiful scenery.  Some of the most popular cities to travel to in China are Beijing, the capital, and Guangzhou, a city on China’s south coastline.

wǒ yào qù dù jiǎ ! / 我要去度假 - I’m going on holiday!

But where are you going? nǐ yào qù nǎr? / 你要去哪儿 You might ask me.

nǐ yào qù nǎr? / 你要去哪儿 - Where are you going?

bǐ lì shí / 比利时 - Belgium

yìn dù / 印度 - India

ào dà lì yà / 澳大利亚 - Australia

mò xī gē / 墨西哥 - Mexico

Here’s how to say you are going to these countries:

wǒ yào qù... / 我要去 - I'm going to...

wǒ yào qù zhōngguó / 我要去中国 - I am going to China.

wǒ yào qù xībāny / 我要去西班牙 - I am going to Spain.

wǒ yào qù yīngguó / 我要去英国 - I am going to Britain.

wǒ yào qù měiguó / 我要去美国 - I am going to the US.

That sounds far away! How might I get there?

zuò huǒ chē / 坐火车 - by train

zuò fēi jī / 坐飞机 - by aeroplane

zuò chuán / 坐船 - by boat

qí zì xíng chē / 骑自行车 - by bike

DID YOU KNOW... In the 1980s China was  sometimes called ‘Bicycle Kingdom’? At that time, bicycles were the main way people travelled around day to day.  Nowadays, more and more people have their own cars. 

DID YOU ALSO KNOW... That there are trains in China which go very, very fast? The high-speed rail network (Zhōngguó gāosù tiělù / 中国高速铁路) in China has an average speed of 200 km/h and above. China has the longest high-speed rail network in the world with roughly 9,676km of railway lines and trains that reach top speeds of 300km/h.