Numbers 30 - 100

Please note: There is a short delay when playing the audio clips. 

Remember how twenty is 'two ten'? Well, it's the same idea for thirty, which is 'three ten'. Forty is 'four ten' and so on.

èr shí / 二 十 - twenty

sān shí / 三 十 - thirty

sì shí / 四 十 - forty

wǔ shí / 五 十 - fifty

liù shí / 六 十 - sixty

qī shí / 七 十 - seventy

bā shí / 八 十 - eighty

jiǔ shí / 九 十 - ninety

Be careful though, one hundred has its own name, it’s NOT 'ten ten'.

yī bǎi / 一 百 - one hundred