Food & Drink


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Drinks are yǐn liào / 饮料.

yǐn liào /饮料 - drinks

wǒ kě le / 我渴了 - I’m thirsty.

wǒ yào hē yǐnliào。/ 我要喝饮料 - I want a drink.

wǒ hē …/ 我喝 - I drink…

píng / 瓶 is the measure word for drinks and liquids:  it means ‘a bottle of’.

píng / 瓶 - ping

níng méng shuǐ / 柠檬水 - lemonade

kuàng quán shuǐ / 矿泉水 - mineral water

nǎi xī / 奶昔 - milkshake

guǒ zhī / 果汁 - fruit juice

To say different flavours of juice, simply put the flavour instead of guǒ / 果.

chéng zhī / 橙汁 - orange juice

If your mum fancies a hot drink, you might explain tā kě le / 她渴了(she’s thirsty)and you could order her kā fēi / 咖啡 (a coffee). If you want milk with the coffee, you could say kā fēi jiā nǎi/ 咖啡加奶.

kā fēi / 咖啡 - coffee

yī bēi kā fēi jiā nǎi / 一杯咖啡加奶 - a cup of coffee with milk

yī bēi / 一杯 - a cup of (measure word)

If you would like to order a big cup of coffee, you might say:

yī dà bēi kāfēi/ 一大杯咖啡 - a big cup of coffee

Or a smaller one:

yī xiǎo bēi kāfēi / 一小杯咖啡 - a small cup of coffee