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Here are some words to help you talk about your pets:

wǒ de chǒng wù / 我 的 宠 物 - my pet

wǒ yǒu yí gè chǒng wù / 我 有 一 个 宠 物 - I have a pet.

wǒ méi yǒu chǒng wù / 我 没 有 宠 物 - I don't have a pet.

yī zhī gǒu / 一 只狗 - a dog

yī zhī māo / 一 只猫 - a cat

yī zhī wū guī / 一只乌龟 - a tortoise

yì zhī tù zi / 一 只 兔 子 - a rabbit

yì zhī niǎo / 一 只 鸟 - a bird

yì tiáo yú / 一 条 鱼 - a fish

Did you notice that all of the pets use the same MEASURE WORD except for fish? You say tiáo / 条 with fish and zhī / 只 with all the others.

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