Describing your pet

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If you want to describe your pet, you could say what it looks like. To say what colour it is you use tā shì / 它 是

tā shì ... - It is ...

... huī sè de - ... grey

See the colours section for more!

You use tā hěn / 它 很 with the adjectives below.

xiǎo / 小 - small

dà / 大 - big

Did you notice how the CHARACTER for 'big' looks like a person stretching out their arms to take up lots of space?

měi lì / 美 丽 - beautiful

chǒu / 丑 - ugly

lǎo / 老 - old

nián qīng / 年 轻 - young

Or you might want to say what its character is like:

hài xiū / 害羞 - shy

kuài / 快 - fast

màn / 慢 - slow

qiáng zhuàng / 强 壮 - strong

kě xiào / 可 笑 - funny

huó pō / 活 泼 - lively

ān jìng / 安 静 - quiet

You can use all these adjectives to describe people too!

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