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Making a sentence negative is easy - you just need to add bù / 不 after the word for 'I' - wǒ / 我.

wǒ chuān / 我 穿 - I wear

wŏ bù chuān / 我 不 穿 - I don't wear

Look at the CHARACTERS (pictures) for 'he' and 'she' in the phrase below. They are different, even though the PINYIN (writing) is the same.

tā chuān / 他 穿 - He wears

tā chuān / 她 穿 - She wears

Clothes are NOUNS. When you use a noun in Chinese with a number or an amount, you need to use a MEASURE WORD. Nouns can have different measure words eg jiàn, dǐng, tiáo.

yí jiàn máo yī / 一 件 毛 衣 - a jumper

yí jiàn chèn shān / 一 件 衬 衫 - a shirt

yì dǐng mào zi / 一 顶 帽 子 - a hat

yì tiáo qún zǐ / 一 条 裙 子 - a skirt

yí jiàn wài tào / 一 件 外 套 - a coat

yì tiáo wéi jīn / 一 条 围 巾 - a scarf

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