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Family is very important in China.

wǒ de mā ma / 我 的 妈 妈 - my mum

wǒ de bà ba / 我 的 爸 爸 - my dad

There are different words for older and younger siblings (brothers and sisters).

wǒ de jiě jie / 我 的 姐 姐 - my older sister

wǒ de mèi mei / 我 的 妹 妹 - my younger sister

wǒ de gē ge / 我 的 哥 哥 - my elder brother

wǒ de dì di / 我 的 弟 弟 - my younger brother

Chinese nouns don't have a PLURAL form. So the word for 'brother' is the SAME as the word for 'brothers'.

To say you have a brother you use the word for 'one' - yí / 一.

wǒ yǒu yí gè gē ge / 我 有 一 个 哥哥 - I have an older brother. (I have one older brother.)

wǒ yǒu yí gè mèi mei / 我 有 一 个 妹 妹 - I have a younger sister. (I have one younger sister.)

wǒ yǒu liǎng gè dì di / 我 有 两 个 弟 弟 - I have two younger brothers.

wǒ yǒu liǎng gè jiě jie / 我 有 两 个 姐 姐 - I have two older sisters.

Did you notice that the words for 'I' and 'my' are the same? They are both wǒ / 我.

Here are some more words to help talk about your family:

wǒ de jiā / 我 的 家 - my family

wǒ de bà ba mā ma / 我 的 爸 爸 妈 妈 - my parents

In China, grandparents on different sides have different names.

wài gōng / 外 公 - grandad (mother's side)

wài pó / 外 婆 - grandma (mother‘s side)

yé ye / 爷 爷 - grandad (father’s side)

nǎi nai / 奶 奶 - grandma (father’s side)

To introduce your family you use zhè shì / 这 是

zhè shì / 这 是 - This is ...

zhè shì wǒ de wài gōng / 这 是 我 的 外 公 - This my grandad (mother's side).

zhè shì wǒ de wài pó / 这 是 我 的 外 婆 - This is my grandma (mother's side).