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The culture of China has developed over many years.

jiàn zhù /建筑 - architecture

There are lots of beautiful buildings in China that show the history and culture of the country.

cháng chéng / 长城 (The Great Wall) was built to defend against enemies. It is about 8000km long and its Chinese name literally means 'long wall'.

cháng chéng / 长城 - The Great Wall

chángchéng hěn cháng。/ 长城很长 - The Great Wall is very long.

gù gōng /故宫 (The Forbidden City) was built over 600 years ago and is a palace with more than 9000 rooms. It is red and yellow. Red is a lucky colour in China and yellow used to be a royal colour in Ancient China.

gù gōng /故宫 - The Forbidden City

gùgōng hěn dà/ 故宫很大 - The Forbidden City is very big.

shǎo lín sì / 少林寺 (The Shaolin Temple) is a temple high in the mountains that is famous for Chinese Kung Fu and Buddhism. It has been around for over 1500 years. Nowadays many people learn martial arts there.

shǎo lín sì / 少林寺 - Shaolin Temple

shàolínsì hěn piàoliàng 。/ 少林寺很漂亮 - The Shaolin Temple is very beautiful.

xìn yǎng /信仰 - religion

Buddhism fó jiāo / 佛教 first came from ancient India, and has become one of the most important religions in China. 

fó jiāo / 佛教 - Buddhism

The two other main religions are Taoism and Confucianism.

dàojiào / 道教 - Taoism

rú jiā sī xiǎng / 儒家思想 - Confucianism

wén xué / 文学 - literature

In Chinese history there are many famous poets and writers. One very famous story is  xī yóu jì / 西游记 (Journey to the West). This is the story of a monk who travels to India and back, fighting many monsters along the way. 

xī yóu jì / 西游记 - Journey to the West

yī běn shū /一本书 - a book

yī gè gùshì / 一个故事 - a story

yī shǒu shī / 一首诗 - a poem