All About Me

How old am I?

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It helps to know some numbers to talk about your age.

wǔ / 五 - five

liù / 六 - six

qī / 七 - seven

bā / 八 - eight

jiǔ / 九 - nine

shí / 十 - ten

shí yī / 十 一 - eleven

There are three different ways of asking a person's age, depending on how old you think they look!

nǐ jǐ suì / 你 几 岁 - How old are you? (for someone younger than 10)

nǐ duō dà / 你 多 大 - How old are you? (for someone older than 10)

nín lǎo gāo shòu / 您 老 高 寿 - How old are you? (for an elderly person)