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When Chinese people meet each other, if they are of similar age, they shake hands and say:

nǐ hǎo / 你 好 - Hello

Children usually bow to elderly people to show politeness and say:

nín hǎo / 您 好 - Hello (polite)

You can also say:

zǎo shang hǎo / 早上 好 - Good morning / good day

nǐ hǎo ma / 你 好 吗 - How are you?

wǒ hěn hǎo / 我 很 好 - I’m fine.

wŏ bù shū fu / 我 不 舒 服 - I’m not well (literally, comfortable).

nǐ ne / 你 呢 - And you?

To say goodbye, you could use:

zài jiàn / 再见 - Goodbye

míng tiān jiàn / 明 天 见 - See you tomorrow

yí huì er jiàn / 一 会 儿 见 - See you later (very soon)

In China, it's important to respect your elders. You'd usually bow to a teacher before speaking to them. You'd also bow to your grandparents and other elderly people.

xiān sheng / 先 生 - Mr

nǚ shì / 女 士 - Ms

DID YOU KNOW ... if a waiter asks if you'd like more of something, you don't reply 'please' as you would in English but 'thank you'.

xiè xie / 谢 谢 - Thanks