Things To Do

Pocket money

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Do you get pocket money? In France it's called l’argent de poche, which means exactly the same thing.

l’argent de poche - pocket money

If you want to spend it, you need to be able to understand how much things cost.

The currency in France is called the euro – l’euro. That’s the same as in many other European countries like Spain and Germany.

l'euro - the euro

C’est combien? - How much is it?

C’est un euro. - It costs one euro.

Or you might hear:

Ça fait combien? - How much is it?

Ça fait un euro. - It costs one euro.

What might you buy? Perhaps there’s something on this list you might like:

un CD - a CD

un ballon de football - a football

une peluche - a soft toy

une poupée - a doll

une console de jeux - a games console

If you want to tell someone which one you like and don’t like, the word ça meaning ‘that’ is helpful, especially when you point too!

Je n’aime pas ça! - I don’t like that!

J’adore ça! - I love that!

Je déteste ça! - I don’t like that at all!