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Musical instruments

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J’aime chanter. - I like singing.

Je chante beaucoup. - I sing a lot.

You use the same verb when you’re talking about music and sports – jouer (to play). But, while the verb is jouer À for sports, when you’re talking about music you use jouer DE.

Je joue de la flûte. - I play the flute.

Je joue de la trompette. - I play the trumpet.

Je joue de la guitarre. - I play the guitar.

Remember that de + le becomes du:

Je joue du piano. - I play the piano.

Je joue du saxophone. - I play the saxophone

Je joue du violon. - I play the violin.

Again, you can see that lots of instruments look very similar in French and English. Be careful with your pronunciation though – remember your French eyes!

This instrument isn’t quite as obvious but should be quite easy to remember. La batterie is the drum kit - think of a drummer battering his kit!

Je joue de la batterie. - I play the drum kit.

You can also use je joue de to say what type of music you play.

Je joue de la musique jazz. - I play jazz music.

Je joue du reggae. - I play reggae music.

Or you could use that very useful phrase j’aime (I like).

J’aime la musique pop. - I like pop music.

J’aime beaucoup la musique classique. - I like classical music a lot.

And of course, you can say you don’t like music too:

Je n’aime pas la musique folklorique. - I don’t like folk music.