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Days out

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J’aime faire des excursions! - I like to go on trips!

Et toi? - What about you?

Where do you like to go?

J’aime aller à la plage. - I like to go to the beach.

J’aime aller à la piscine. - I like to go to the swimming pool.

If a masculine noun follows à, don’t forget that à + le = au and à + les = aux.

J’aime aller au cinéma. - I like to go to the cinema.

J’aime aller au parc. - I like to go to the park.

J’aime aller à la fête foraine. - I like to go to the fairground.

J’aime faire les magasins. - I like to go shopping.

Did you notice that going shopping uses a different verb? You don’t ‘go’ to the shops in French, you ‘do’ them.

Tu aimes aller au parc d’attractions? - Do you like to go to the theme park?

J’aime aller dans le train fantôme. - I like to go on the ghost train

J’aime aller sur la grande roue. - I like to go on the big wheel.

Why? Pourquoi? It’s always good to give a reason. Here are some that you might find useful!

Pourquoi? - Why?

C’est passionant / passionante. - It’s exciting.

C’est terrifiant / terrifiante. - It’s frightening.

C’est rapide. - It’s fast.

C’est sensationnel / sensationnelle. - It’s amazing.

C’est marrant / marrante. - It’s funny.

C’est fantastique. - It’s great / fantastic.

C’est magique. - It’s magical.

The word for 'because' in French is parce que but you can also use car.

parce que - because

car - because

Parce que c’est marrant! - Because it’s funny!

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