Things To Do

Sports and pastimes

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Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire comme loisirs? - What do you like doing in your free time?

J’aime lire. - I like to read.

To say what you like to do is really easy – you use the phrase j’aime (I like) and the INFINITIVE of the verb (that’s the word you find in the dictionary if you look up ‘read’ or ‘dance’).

J’aime danser. - I like to dance.

J’aime jouer au football. - I like to play football.

The same is true for saying you can do something, except this time you use je sais (I know how to) and the infinitive.

Je sais nager. - I know how to swim.

Je sais lire. - I know how to read.

Je sais chanter. - I know how to sing.

Je sais jouer au cricket. - I know how to play cricket.

To say that you do something in French is very easy too:

Je nage. - I swim.

Je danse. - I dance.

Je chante. - I sing.

Can you see how je nage (I swim) is related to the infinitive nager - to swim? To make je nage (I swim), you take the -r from nager.

To make je chante (I sing) you do the same. Take the -r from chanter (to sing) and you’ve got je chante.

Je fais du sport. - I play sport.

Je joue avec l’ordinateur. - I play on the computer.

Did you notice that you say je joue avec to say you play on the computer? 

Je regarde la télé. - I watch TV.

Je lis. - I read.

Je lis is a bit different as the infinitive, lire (to read), does not end in –er, but –re. To make je lis (I read) take off the –re and add –s.

In the same way, je fais (I do) comes from faire (to do).

Je fais du vélo. - I ride my bicycle.

Je fais du patin. - I roller skate.

If you want to show off a bit and say what you’re good at doing, you can add the word bien after the verb:

Je nage bien. - I’m good at swimming (literally, I swim well).

Je lis bien. - I’m good at reading.

Je joue bien au football. - I’m good at playing football.

And to say you’re not good at something? That’s right, sandwich the verb with ne … pas

Je ne joue pas bien au tennis. - I’m not good at playing tennis / I don’t play tennis well.