School Day

Places in school

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Schools come in all shapes and sizes in French-speaking countries, just like our schools. Some are in the middle of busy cities, others in the countryside. Some have lots of stairs and others are all on one level.

l'école - the school

Here are the names of some places in school:

la (salle de) classe - the classroom

la cour de récréation - the playground

le terrain de sports - the sports field

le gymnase - the gymnasium

la bibliothèque - the library

Most children in France have school dinners cooked in la cuisine (the kitchen) and eaten in la cantine (the dining room).

la cuisine - the kitchen

la cantine - the dining room

And then there's la salle des professeurs (the staffroom) – but you're not allowed in there, are you?

la salle des professeurs - the staffroom

If you were showing someone around your school, you might say:

Voici la salle (de musique). - Here is the (music) classroom.

Voilà la cour de récréation. - There is the playground.