School Day

School subjects

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J'étudie... - I study...

J'étudie beaucoup! - I study a lot!

At school in France, children study much the same subjects we do. Some of the subjects look and sound very similar too.

la musique - Music

l'histoire - History

les sciences - Science

l'art - Art

Others can be worked out:

l'informatique - ICT

The 'I' stands for Information doesn't it?

l'éducation physique - PE (Physical Education)

Others have short forms. Les mathématiques is shortened to les maths – just as we shorten Mathematics to Maths.

les maths - Maths

La géographie is shortened to la géo:

la géo - Geography

And here are some languages:

le français - French

l'anglais - English

l'espagnol - Spanish

Be careful when you talk about school subjects in a sentence – some need the l', le, la etc and others don't:

J'ai informatique maintenant. - I have IT now.

J'aime le français. - I like French.

Je n'aime pas la musique. - I don't like Music.