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Talking about le temps (the weather) is a typical topic of conversation!

le temps - the weather

Quel temps fait-il? - What’s the weather like?

Lots of weather phrases start with il fait:

Il fait chaud. - It’s hot.

Il fait froid. - It’s cold.

If you want to say it’s VERY hot, you can use the word très.

très - very

Il fait très chaud. - It’s very hot.

Il fait très froid. - It’s very cold.

Other weather phrases use il y a:

Il y a du soleil. - It’s sunny.

Il y a du vent. - It’s windy.

Other weather phrases are verbs in their own right:

Il neige. - It’s snowing.

Il gèle. - It’s freezing over.

Il pleut. - It’s raining.

If you want to say ‘it’s raining a lot’, you use the word beaucoup after the verb:

Il pleut beaucoup. - It’s raining a lot.

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