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The word for 'animal' is very similar in English and French.

un animal - an animal

The same is true of several animal names:

un tigre - a tiger

un éléphant - an elephant

un serpent - a snake

une girafe - a giraffe

un lézard - a lizard

Then there are these animals - they all have double letters in them:

une abeille - a bee

une chenille - a caterpillar

un papillon - a butterfly

un poisson - a fish

Here are some more animals:

un ours - a bear

un oiseau - a bird

un cheval - a horse

Talking about more than one animal, bird or horse is a bit different. Look at the plural forms – they don’t end with s but aux:

des animaux - some animals

des oiseaux - some birds

des chevaux - some horses