Numbers 30-100

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Here's how to say the numbers thirty onwards.

trente - thirty

Now you can say any birthday date!

Mon anniversaire c’est le trente et un décembre. - My birthday is 31st December.

What about prices, or door numbers though? It helps to know some bigger numbers!

quarante - forty

cinquante - fifty

soixante - sixty

Numbers 31, 41, 51 and 61 follow the same pattern as 21. All other numbers that don't end in 0 follow the pattern of tens then units up until 69. For example:

trente-deux - thirty-two

cinquante-cinq - fifty-five

soixante-neuf - sixty-nine

French numbers after 69 are unusual - but not impossible!

soixante-dix - seventy (literally, 'sixty ten')

soixante et onze - seventy-one (literally, 'sixty eleven')

You continue counting on from here until you get to seventy-nine:

soixante-dix-neuf - seventy-nine

quatre-vingts - eighty (literally 'four twenties')

You then count on in the same way as before:

quatre-vingt-un - eighty-one

quatre-vingt-deux - eighty-two

All the way to:

quatre-vingt-dix-neuf - ninety-nine

cent - one hundred

Do you recognise cent from centimetre, centipede and century? That's because cent is a hundred in Latin.

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