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un jour - a day

les jours - the days

DID YOU KNOW ... Some of les jours de la semaine (the days of the week) are named after planets and gods? For example, Monday is named after the moon in English, and in French - lundi (la lune is 'the moon'). Mardi (Tuesday) is named after Mars (Mars).

lundi - Monday

mardi - Tuesday

mercredi - Wednesday

jeudi - Thursday

vendredi - Friday

samedi - Saturday

dimanche - Sunday

les lundis - Mondays

les samedis - Saturdays

French people have a week like people in the UK, working and going to school through la semaine (the week) and having time off at le week-end (the weekend). Like all languages, French has words 'borrowed' from other languages – le week-end is one of them.

la semaine - the week

le week-end - the weekend

DID YOU KNOW ... The word for 'afternoon' in French is literally 'after' - après, 'noon' - midi.
Le matin is named after Matines, which are the first prayers before sunrise in a monastery. (In the song Frère Jacques, the bells are ringing for Matines!)

le matin - the morning

l'après- midi - the afternoon

le soir - the evening

la nuit - the night

aujourd'hui - today

demain - tomorrow

hier - yesterday