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Drinks are les boissons.

les boissons - drinks

J'ai soif. - I'm thirsty.

Je voudrais une boisson. - I want a drink.

Je bois... - I drink...

une limonade - a lemonade

une eau minérale - a mineral water

Can you guess what une eau minérale gazeuse would be? Yes, water with fizz!

une eau minérale gazeuse - a fizzy mineral water

un milkshake - a milkshake

un jus - a juice

If you want to say what type of milkshake or juice you want, the flavour comes last:

un milkshake au chocolat - a chocolate milkshake

(Remember, a + le = au.)

un jus d'orange - an orange juice

(De + vowel = d'.)

If your mum is thirsty and fancies a hot drink, you might explain elle a soif (she's thirsty) and you could order her un café au lait (a coffee with milk). This will be a big cup of coffee. If you ask for un café noisette you'll get a smaller one!

Il / Elle a soif. - He / she's thirsty.

un café au lait - a coffee with milk (big)

un café noisette - a coffee with milk (small)

Or you might want to ask for something else:

un thé - a tea

un chocolat chaud - a hot chocolate

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