Food & Drink


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Food is very important in France as it forms part of the French lifestyle.

Le petit déjeuner (breakfast) is usually small and children often drink hot chocolate in bowls with French bread or pastries. In some places in France, lunch - le déjeuner - lasts for the traditional two hours, but most schools and offices now have one hour lunches. Le dîner (dinner) is eaten a bit later than in the UK – often from 7.30pm - and it’s common to have a cheese course as well as dessert, especially when friends or family visit.

le petit déjeuner - breakfast

le déjeuner - lunch

le dîner - dinner

Uh oh! Ton frère a faim - your brother's hungry! And now he mentions it, so are you!

J'ai faim! - I'm hungry!

Ton frère a faim. - Your brother's hungry.

La nourriture is food. What might you eat?

la nourriture - food

Je voudrais à manger! - I want to eat!

Je mange ... - I eat ...

le poisson - fish

le chocolat - chocolate

les bonbons - sweets

les frites - chips

DID YOU KNOW… You might see the complete phrase for 'chips' on a menu - les pommes frites (literally 'fried potatoes'). And in the north of France they have frites vans, a bit like our ice-cream vans but without the music!

un gâteau - a cake

une pizza - a pizza

un yaourt - a yoghurt

You might want:

un sandwich - a sandwich

une glace - an icecream

In French, the flavour / filling comes AFTER the thing it's filling/flavouring:

une glace à la vanille - a vanilla ice-cream

une glace à la fraise - a strawberry ice-cream


une glace au chocolat - a chocolate ice-cream

When you have à and le together, they become au. (And when you have à and les together they become aux.)

un sandwich au fromage - a cheese sandwich

un sandwich au jambon - a ham sandwich (ham not jam!)

Bon appétit! - Enjoy your food!

Delicious, eh?  In French you could say:

Miam miam! - Yum!

If you don't like the taste though, you might say:

Berk! - Yuck!

Rather than saying 'yum' or 'yuck', you might want to say you like or don't like a certain type of food. To do that you use the phrases j'aime or je n'aime pas.

J'aime... - I like...

Je n'aime pas... - I don't like...

You use beaucoup (a lot) and un peu (a bit) to add more information.

beaucoup - a lot

un peu - a bit

J'aime beaucoup les gâteaux. - I like cakes a lot.

J'aime un peu les légumes. - I like vegetables a little bit.

You could also say:

Je préfère - I prefer

Je préfère les sandwichs au fromage. - I prefer cheese sandwiches.